Why Move Off-Campus?
Students move off-campus because the cost to live off-campus is approximately half of what it costs to live on-campus. College is expensive enough and living off-campus can save substantial amounts of money.  Living off campus allows students to enjoy the comfort of their own bedroom, as opposed to living with a direct roommate in a cramped up two-person bedroom on-campus.  Our apartments are usually 2x the size of on-campus door rooms, giving the students more space and freedom. Lastly, the convenience of cooking in your own kitchen and not having to sign up for an overpriced meal plan are also large selling points for moving off-campus.

Property Showings
Given the points mentioned above, there is an overwhelming amount of demand for off-campus student housing.  We generally perform property showings on Saturdays during the months of October, November, December and February for leases that run 12-months in length and start in June. For example, in October 2018, students begin looking for off-campus housing for leases that run through the following school year from June 2019 to May 2020. Most of the time we have over 20+ showings per Saturday. As a result, we rent our 27 apartments for the following school year in just a few weekends. What is your best chance to get an apartment? Look early in the year (October / November), ensure you entire group is present during the property showing and be ready to immediately sign a lease / submit a deposit if you see an apartment you like.  Please contact Justin at (516) 672-8754 or justin@jandjip.com to schedule a property showing.

Signing the Lease
The lease signing process is facilitated through an online resource called Adobe EchoSign.  Adobe EchoSign will e-mail each roommate an electronic copy of the lease and obtain their electronic signature (via a computer, tablet or smartphone).  All signatures are obtained on an individual basis and then consolidated into a final copy, which is then e-mailed to everyone in the apartment. The process is seamless and convenient for everyone, as there is no need to download an application or register as a user.

Submitting a Deposit
Finding attractive off-campus housing is very competitive among students.  To give you an idea of the demand, we have students submitting deposits and signing leases as early as October for 12-month leases that start 8+ months later in June (refer to the Property Showings section above for further detail).  Frequently, we have multiple groups that try to submit deposit on the same apartment on the same day, since we have days when our properties are shown 20+ times.

To swiftly place an apartment on “hold”, one person can submit their share of the apartment’s security deposit (generally $1,000/person) through our website using a credit/debit card. Once we receive one person’s security deposit (generally $1,000/person), we will take the apartment off the market.  Other interested groups will be informed the apartment is no longer available. Please ensure your group is fully “on-board” before submitting a deposit, because if your group decides not to move forward, the money is non-refundable.  Following the initial deposit that was made online, your group has 7 calendar days to mail checks for the remaining security deposit and sign the lease agreement.

Security Deposit
Security deposit is generally $1,000 per person, unless otherwise stated on the lease agreement or discussed.  Security deposit is refundable at the end of the lease within 60 days of lease expiration.

Utilities are not included in your rent, but only average around $40-$50/month per person.  Each apartment has separate utility bills.  Several months prior to your move-in date, we will send you all the information you need to setup utilities in a move in letter.  Below is a list of the utilities you are responsible for:

1.) National Grid: you will setup an account for your electric and gas utilities, which are paid on a monthly basis.

2.) Time Warner Cable: you will setup an account for your television and internet utilities, which are paid on a monthly basis.

3.) Water Usage: this is a 1x payment made to J&J Investment Properties in June for $100 per person, which covers your water usage for the entire year.

Safety First
Safety is our number one priority, as we work hard to ensure all residents feel safe and secure in their apartment. Every entrance and exit way are secured by a heavy door with a deadbolt lock. Each resident has an individual key to their own bedroom. We can arrange for you to receive discount pricing on the use of a security system through General Security in Albany, NY.  Monthly rates are as low as $60/month, the cost of which is split among the residents within the apartment. For such a low monthly rate, a security system is worth the extra peace of mind. All of this information is emailed to you in a move in letter several weeks prior to your move in date, providing you with sufficient time to set things up.

Off-Street Parking
We own seven off-street parking lots at 470/483/484/508/519 Hamilton Street, 215 Quail Street and 275 Ontario Street with a total of 26 spaces. Parking ranges between $55-$85 per month per vehicle. The standard parking lease has a 12-month term and is paid for in a lump sum payment.  Parking is in high demand in the student rental area, as the area is highly populated.  It is suggested you let us know ASAP if you are interested in parking, since our parking lots fill up within the first few weeks of June.  If you are interested in a parking space, please call Justin at (516) 672-8754 or e-mail him at justin@jandjip.com.

Property Turnover
Each year our properties are turned over for incoming residents. During that time (late May / early June) the properties are repainted, all maintenance is completed and the apartments are professionally cleaned. By your move in date your apartment will be completely restored to a “like new” condition. The pictures shown on our website are the best indication of what your apartment will look like when you move-in.

Maintenance & Work Order Requests
For any issues that may arise in the apartment a Work Order Request can be submitted through our website.  Jim, an employee of J&J Investment Properties LLC , works throughout the week to complete all regularly scheduled maintenance and Work Order Requests.  In the case of an emergency, you will have several numbers to contact in order to get immediate assistance.  We are very communicative with our residents and believe strong communication is critical to maintaining successful relationships.  If for any reason you are unhappy or have an issue, please let us know immediately!

Garbage & Snow Removal
We provide free garbage removal, which is a service most landlords in the area do not offer.  The only caveat is your garbage must be neatly bagged and placed along side the house in garbage pails by Tuesday at 3:30PM.  You are then responsible for bringing the empty garbage pails back along side the house on Wednesday morning after it has been taken by the City of Albany.  We also provide free snow removal during the winter months.

Washer & Dryer
Each property has a washer and dryer that is free of charge to all residents.  The washer and dryer are shared between the top and bottom floors and usually located in the basement of each property, although some apartments do have washer / dryer machines in their apartments.

Pet Policy
We do not allow pets or animals at the property. Pets and animals have odors and eat food that can potentially attract rodents, which are costly to exterminate. Additionally, the presence of pets results in greater wear and tear on the properties. For these reasons, we have a strict no pet/animal policy. We apologize for any inconvenience!

Many students ask if they can sublet their apartment over the summer months, when they are not actively in school. Unfortunately, we do not allow subletting for any reason.