Welcome SUNY Albany & Saint Rose Students!

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website. Feel free to look around, read about us and view our properties. You can call us at (516) 672-8754 or e-mail us to schedule a showing.


&J Investment Properties LLC purchases and renovates multi-family residential properties in an effort to provide safe, convenient, trendy and affordable housing for the students at the University of Albany & the College of Saint Rose. All of our properties are located in the safe and cohesive neighborhood referred to as the student rental area in Albany, NY.

We pride ourselves on the management of our properties and are very accessible, which enables us to find a resolution to any issue in a timely fashion.  Whether you’re e-mailing, calling or texting us – we’re always available.  We strongly believe that good communication is essential for maintaining strong relationships with our tenants.


&J Investment Properties has worked to provide an environment where students can live off-campus at a significantly reduced price compared to the cost of on-campus housing.  This means more money left over for tuition, textbooks, school supplies, studying abroad and other educational expenses.  That’s pretty cool, huh?

Safety First

Most of our properties have heavy double door entrance ways and all include the option of security system installation with live police monitoring for a very low monthly rate.

Affordable Housing

Our student housing prices are well below the rates for doorming on campus at SUNY Albany and Saint Rose. College is expensive enough - why pay more when you can pay less?


We take managing our properties seriously. For that reason we consistently demonstrate professionalism in all facets of our business and act accordingly.

Always Available

Some property owners are always busy and unavailable to talk. Well that's not us. We're on call 24/7 and prepared to address any questions, concerns or issues.